MB STUDIO version 8.71 is available


Compared to the previous version:

  • Property: two new playback modes "Voice overlapped at begin" and "Voice overlapped at end" PROPERTY - VOICE OVERLAPPED AT THE BEGINNING OR AT THE END
  • Concatenated voice tracks: multiple voice outro, track or intro can be queued. They will be concantated as if they were a single file.
  • Songs: auto alias function SONGS - ALIAS AND AUTO ALIAS
  • Songs: whoever uses the REFRAIN event can activate the new option "Ignore the songs inserted in minilists or time sequences"
  • Coverart: cover search now also includes ITunes MB STUDIO - COVER MANAGEMENT
  • FTP Upload: supports up to 20 different ftp addresses CONFIGURATION - WEB EXPORT - FTP (PRO version only) moreover the .mkv video files are automatically converted to .mp4 during the upload
  • External streams: it is now possible to broadcast podcasts from .rss feeds MB STUDIO - EXTERNAL STREAMS
  • Youtube: in both MB STUDIO and MB SPOT you will now find the generic module "Download from youtube" in the Tools menu, which allows you to download a video from youtube to a folder on your computer to be programmed wherever you want
  • MB SPOT: to the Tools menu new function "Delete advertisements that have expired for more than 1 month".
  • Video: in the properties of any object it is now possible to activate or deactivate the image or video stream programmed by the video panel
  • Video: the video logger can now display the date and time overlay
  • Video: 4k and 8k video files are automatically resized to 2k
  • Video: update to VLC 3.0.18
  • Video: added graphic effects of Plane9 See: CONFIGURATION - VIDEO - GRAPHIC EFFECTS
  • Video panel: camera buttons now have 3 states RED=camera on air DARK RED=camera in stand-by GRAY=camera off
  • Web export: it is now possible to export 2 playlists instead of just one CONFIGURATION - WEB EXPORT - OPTIONS
  • MusicLine song request service: besides with the syntax artist*title or title*artist it is now possible to request a song by sending the index number *index for example *1234
  • Fix: on some computers not all input and output sound cards were visible in MB STUDIO.
  • Fix: in MB SPOT corrected the display mode Active / inactive customers
  • Fix: web export did not set utf8 characters
  • Fix: webcast - stream split signals were out of sync.
  • Fix: fixed a problem with files having more than 2 channels (e.g. dolby 5.1)
  • Fix: Fixed memory conflicts caused by using video graphics effects

NOTICE: this update starts the 8.71 series, works only on 64 bits windows, does not install through automatic updates and must be installed manually because at the first start it will be necessary to reload the current playlist.


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01/12/2022 18:20:00