When a song has more than one artist, the ALIAS field is used to list all the artists of the song in order to maintain the rule of minimum distance between other songs of those artists.


The artists of the song must be written in the alias field separated by semicolons


However, there is an automatic function that attempts to find the artists of the piece by analyzing the "Artist" and the "Title" fields. This function is called "Auto Alias"


Selecting one or more songs from the list and applying "Auto Alias" MB STUDIO will search for the following characters:

  • " feat "
  • "feat."
  • " ft "
  • " ft."
  • " vs"
  • " vs "
  • " & "
  • " w. "
  • " x "
  • ","

and it will automatically insert the list of artists in the alias field


The Auto Alias function only works if the song's "Alias" box is empty. If Alias has already been filled in manually by you, the Auto Alias function has no effect.