MB STUDIO supports the splitting of advertising and/or news and/or programs.

"Splitting" is a broadcasting technique whereby a radio or TV station broadcasts a common program which is interrupted by different advertising sequences, so that different advertising spots are heard in different cities.

In addition to the main network that is distributed by MB STUDIO PRO, other MB STUDIO PRO or LITE must be installed (by purchasing additional software licenses). These additional MB STUDIO channels can be installed on the same computer together with the main MB STUDIO PRO, or they can be installed on other computers that are connected to the internal network with the main MB STUDIO PRO. The system supports up to 10 split channels, so main MB STUDIO PRO + another 10 additional MB STUDIO PRO or LITE.


Let's see the settings to be made on the main MB STUDIO PRO to activate splitting:

in configuration \ network activate SPLIT MASTER


From the same window, take note of the TCP port number in the "Wait for connections on this port" box and the password "Protect connections with this password" because we will then have to insert this data into the other MB STUDIOs.

Let's see the settings to make on each additional MB STUDIO to activate splitting:

in configuration \ network activate SPLIT SLAVE and enter the lan IP address and port of the main MB STUDIO PRO


if a network password is set in the main MB STUDIO PRO, set the same network password also in all the split MB STUDIOs otherwise the connection will not work. Use the TEST button to make sure the connection works.

It is necessary to send the audio from the main MB STUDIO PRO by configuring an external source EXT CONFIGURATION - AUDIO - EXTERNAL SOURCES and it is necessary to create a single playlist containing only 2 or more EXT objects (the audio coming from MB STUDIO Main PRO)


On each EXT object, activate the flag2 "at the beginning Start split", activate the playlist flag "Non-stop rotation" and then save this single playlist. There must be no others.

Let's see the settings to be made on all MB STUDIOs, both main and additional:

go to Configuration\Options\Liner and organize a group of liners for the splitting time sequences (the classic opening jingle "Before" and closing "After" which must play at the beginning and end of each time sequence and which will also be used to start and end the split)

On the FIRST object it is necessary to open the properties and assign at the beginning the flag2 "Start Split"


On the object AFTER it is necessary to open the properties and assign the flag2 "End Split"


The objects before and after can be audio files, or if you prefer not to play anything, you can insert an EVENT - COMMENT object PLAYLIST - ENTER A COMMENT

In MB SPOT make sure that the time sequences that need to be split have exactly that liner assigned:


it is mandatory that there are tracks present in the RANDOM FILES list and they must necessarily have the SPLIT genre...in fact the first network that finishes the split waits for the other, sending a random track chosen from the random files.


This guide is just a summary of the split configuration. Since this is a procedure for expert users, it is recommended that you request technical assistance if you are unable to operate the system