For general use we recommend an Intel or AMD cpu with a frequency of not less than 2 Ghz and at least 4GB of RAM. If used as a simple audio automation without too many active services (no email, sms, rds, publications, streaming), a minimum power computer with a CPU frequency of not less than 1.5 ghz is sufficient. The case must be sufficiently ventilated and the power supply oversized for 24 hour operation. The minimum horizontal video resolution must be 1366.



MB STUDIO work on Windows 10 (release 20H2 or higher) or Windows 11



MB STUDIO in most of cases requires at least one sound card, but to take advantage of the pre-listening functions you need 2 sound cards or a professional sound card with 2 or more outputs. The most common solution is to use the MAYA44EX SOUND CARD

Video_Transitions.pngSCHEDA VIDEO

If you use the video plugin for visual radio or radio vision you need a video card with hardware h264 / 265 codec. For example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 or superior. Check that the card you choose has NVENC and NVDEC h264/265