There are some usage and/or configuration errors that occur frequently and cause problems for the proper use of MB STUDIO. Let's see together what they are:

  1. installing MB STUDIO inside other folders: this should not be done, MB STUDIO must be installed only in c:\MBStudio or in the root disk (D:\MBStudio or E:\MBStudio etc etc), not in the programs folder and not in the dropbox or onedrive folder
  2. play or record audio / video files from the local network or from a NAS. if you want precise audio/video mixing you have to keep audio/video files in the local disk of the computer. The network can slow down or crash, and NAS disks are too slow. NAS can be used to back up data but not to play or record live music and video.
  3. Avoid USB devices. With some exceptions. sound cards or external USB disks are not suitable for 24-hour operation. A small voltage drop, energy saving, a bad contact of the physical connector, a problem in the USB cable are all elements that can interrupt the audio and video incoming or outgoing, with consequent interruption of your radio or tv station.
  4. scattering audio/video files in hundreds of folders increases confusion and you will no longer be able to find a file. Furthermore, MB STUDIO sees a maximum of 256 folders. So it's good to use only one folder for the songs, one for the jingles, one for the rubrics etc etc more than 256 folders. Try to give logical names to the files starting with the name of the section or speaker and following with dates or times or numbers ... for example newsletter1.mp3 paolo_lunedi.mp3 address book1.mp3 etc etc. Avoid generic names such as "2.mp3" as they may mistakenly play for another file CONFIGURATION - FOLDERS and also don't keep duplicate files otherwise ..... FAQ: WHY MB STUDIO PLAY A DIFFERENT FILE THAN EXPECTED?
  5. make playlists of random songs, not songs of your choice. In this way you will take advantage of the music choice engine of MB STUDIO and you will have a different playlist every day RANDOM SONG: PARAMETERS
  6. do not repeat the same genre in the 3 genre boxes of random songs or files. This is wrong: DANCE DANCE80 DANCETEKNO this is right: DANCE 80 TEKNO
  7. do not insert advertising files in playlists instead use the MB SPOT program which allows you to create and manage a daily schedule.
  8. in the song archive, load only songs so do not insert programs, jingles, effects, or anything that is not a song.
  9. do not set musical distance rules too high because it will generate timeout errors SONGS - What are TIMEOUTS? how to avoid them?
  10. in windows don't keep the display of extensions hidden you will no longer see the difference between sun.jpg and sun.png or between song.mp3 and song .mp4 and instead in many situations it is important to choose the right file: WINDOWS: DISPLAY FILE EXTENSIONS