External streams are audio or video streams that are located on external servers such as radio or live TV channels, podcasts, files located in ftp or http servers, videos from youtube, etc etc


To broadcast an external stream it is first necessary to insert it in the list of external streams.


clicking the ADD button you access the window for inserting a new external stream


You have to select the type of stream: Audio, Video or Podcast and then enter the URL address of the stream and click TEST to verify its correct functioning. You will then receive a success or error message. If the stream is a live program, you can optionally turn on the "Live" flag and MB STUDIO will do a pre-buffer of data before broadcasting it in order to avoid a possible initial lag.


If the flow is protected by username and password, enter the relative values.

Also if you wish you can specify a text that if read in the metadata of the stream will stop the diffusion of the stream or will resume it. This is useful for broadcasting advertising during a stream, for example.


To edit or delete a stream right click.


Clicking the icon on the left opens the preview of the stream


To insert a stream into a playlist or a time sequence, click on the "External Stream" insert button


You can then open the properties of the object and define how long it will be on air