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The COUNTDOWN DOWN overlay displays a countdown that indicates in how many seconds the normal playlist interrupted by a time sequence will resume. It is usually used during commercial or short time sequences.

  • Position: allows you to position the overlay where desired on the screen or even make it full screen.
  • Image or video for the background: the text can be transparent or you can put an image or video as a background
  • Text: here you need to write the text to be displayed. The playlist title is represented by the wildcard %playlist% and the count is represented by the wildcard %countdown%. All of the following wildcards can be used: WILDCARD WORDS TO CUSTOMIZE EXPORT . The text box is multiline, so you can hit enter when you want to wrap it.
  • Position of text in box: text alignment
  • Automatically display countdown on time slots: If active, every time a time slot is aired, the countdown is automatically displayed. If, on the other hand, this flag is not active, the following functions must be used:




In the properties of any object it is possible to activate the countdown


2023-08-16_212358.jpgor via agenda (MB STUDIO PRO)

Once the countdown is displayed, it automatically deactivates at the end of the time sequence or the object on the air.