MB RECASTER is a new application with a lot of features that normally would require the installation of a couple of other softwares. All-in-one you'll find an audio recorder with scheduler, a webcast module to send streams to any Shoutcast, Icecast or streams directly with the internal server, AutoDJ function to play randomly your own audio files from up to 4 folders, a stream receiver allowing to record or recast to your server (transcoder), an audio converter from/to any format. MB RECASTER meets the needs of any user, does not require complicated configurations and also allows non-experts to manage a small web radio from a Windows computer.

  • Capture audio from any sound card or any internet URL stream (Shoutcast v1 or v2, Icecast)
  • Internal Auto DJ: play and mix random files from up to 4 different folders. Automatically remove gap from begin/end of files.
  • Support DSP / VST Plugins for audio processing
  • Stream the final signal to any ShoutCast v1/v2 or IceCast with up to 4 indipendent encoders reading metadata from an external text file.
  • internal server: stream directly from your computer without a stream host server with up to 200 simultaneous connections (require to map a tcp port on your router)
  • Integrated Audio Logger: non stop record saving up to 180 days with automatic deletion of older files.
  • Recording scheduler: schedule up to 255 record timers by time, day and/or date. Each record can also be started/stopped usign external relay (require Velleman USB k8055 Interface)
  • Codec MP3 from 24 to 320k, AAC+ from 16 to 96k, AAC from 128 to 320k, Opus from 20 to 320K, OGG from 32 to 256K, FLAC, WAV
  • When a record end, automatically upload the file to a FTP server
  • Convert any audio file to another format. Allow to convert the full audio length or a selected range.
  • Send email notifications when “missing audio” or “connection lost”
  • Save current connections count to a text file CurrentListeners.txt
  • Send in-stream artwork to Shoutcast v.2: logo station must be in MBRecaster folder with name logo.jpg, while current song cover must be set in  Setup\Metadata and must be in .jpg format (.png not supported for now) (MBStudio users can select the file OnAIr.jpg from MBStudio folder)

Here are some examples of use:

  • FM Radio Stations: they can keep in memory the last 180 days of broadcasted programs (being noticed by email if there is no input sound), cut out portions of recorder programs and save it in separate files, schedule recordings of live programs that must be rebroadcasted later (also automatically removing commercial breaks).
  • Web Radio Stations: they can generate up to 4 different streams Shoutcast, Icecast,  also using the internal server to transmit over the Internet without the use of external servers. Automatic switching to AutoDJ function when there is no sound input. Ability to apply a DSP/VST plugin audio processor
  • Amateur Radio Stations: from your home PC you can play random music AutoDJ and talk overlap with the microphone (the music is automatically faded when opening the microphone)
  • Home users: can renotely monitor a room, leaving a microphone connected to the computer and listening the stream or scheduling automatic recordings to be sent automatically to an FTP server


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