License Agreement for the end user:

This agreement has to be considered concluded between the end user and MB RADIO LTD, rights owner of softwares MB STUDIO - MB RECASTER. With the installation of the software, the user accepts all the terms and conditions of this contract. Otherwise he must return the dongle USB CryptoBox to MB RADIO LTD. This contract is a mere license to use MB STUDIO - MB RECASTER and not a contract of sale. It does not involve the transfer of the right of ownership of this copy of the software and any other copy that the user is authorized to do under this contract. Therefore MB SOFT remains the sole holder of the right of ownership of given copies of the software. This license is delivered together with a copy of the software and the related documentation. The purposes of this contract means the copy of applications called MB STUDIO - MB RECASTER and any improvement of the same, modified versions, updates, authorized copies of' application.The license is made functional through one or more electronic keys CRYPTOBOX that must remain permanently connected to a USB port on the computer where you will use the software. In no case the end user could ask a replacement of the electronic key, except for the case of breakdown or malfunction which must necessarily follow the return. It is understood that the loss or destruction of the electronic key will not establish any right of reply to the license holder.

Terms and conditions of the contract:

1) Use of the software:  The user has the right to install and use the software on each computer where he plugged in the USB dongle

2) Copyright: The softwares MB STUDIO - MB RECASTER are a property intellectual exclusive of MB RADIO LTD and are protected law on authors, by the laws on copyrights contained in international treaties, and laws in force in the country where the software is used. The structure, the organization, the concept, the visual and code compilation of software constitute trade secret information for which the user is committed to processing software in the same way as any other intellectual work protected by the laws. Moreover, the user agrees not to reverse engineer, to decompile, disassemble, or discover the source code of the software.

3) Transfer: It's forbidden to rent, sublicense, sell or transfer this software and related documentation without the authorization of MB RADIO LTD.

4) Limited Warranty: MB RADIO LTD guarantees that the software work sessentially as described in the attached guide and articles posted on the site  This guarantee is valid for ninety (90) days;the user can return the dongle USB to MB RADIO LTD within the period of ninety (90) days. In the event the software does not perform as warranted, the only remedy for the user will consist to be refunded of the fee paid for the purchase of the license.

5) Exclusion of Liability in case of damage: With the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and regardless of the effectiveness of any remedy set forth herein, in no event MB RADIO LTD will be liable to the user for any special consequential, indirect or similar, including any loss of profits or data resulting from the use or by inability to use the software even if MB RADIO LTD has been advised of  the possibility of such damages. In no event shall the responsibility of MB RADIO LTD will exceed the purchase price of the software.