By "different ads" we mean an audio file that replaces the standard one on a specific day or period, for example on Christmas day or in the week of Christmas we can broadcast an advertising different from the standard one. To add different ads we don't even have to use MB SPOT, it is sufficient that the standard advertising is normally programmed in MB SPOT as explained here: MB SPOT - ADD A CUSTOMER AND PLAN A SPOT and that the different advertising are stored in the same folder as the main advertising and that they are named with a certain method.

ONLY MB STUDIO PRO supports differentiated ads

To automatically broadcast a different advertising, it is sufficient to store in the same folder as the standard advertising, an audio file with the same name followed by a double cross ++ and followed by one or more of these temporal values:

  • date of broadcast day in ddmmyy format (EX: Maurizio++251222.mp3 will only air on December 25, 2022)
  • name of the day of the week or several days of the week in ddd format (first three letters of the day sun++mon++tue++wed++thu++fri++sat) (Ex: Maurizio++sat.mp3 will be broadcasted every Saturday)
  • start date++end date in the format ddmmyy for example 030922++280922 (ex: Maurizio++030922++280922.mp3 will be broadcast from 2 to 28 September 2022)
  • It must also have the same extension as the main file (e.g. .mp3)

possible syntax::
advertisingname++date.extension (to be used when the advertising changes on a specific day)
advertisingname++dayname/s.extension (to be used when the spot is repeated weekly)
advertisingname++startdate++enddate.extension (it should be used when the spot is to be broadcast for a period from / to)

Let's see some practical examples:

Today is Sunday 24th July 2022 and in the MB SPOT advertising program we have an ad called Alberti.mp3 which is located in the folder c:\spot

If, just for tomorrow 25 July 2022, we want the standard ad to be replaced by another ad, we have to put the new ad in the same folder as the main ad (in our example c:\spot) with the name:

If we have an ad that has to be aired every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and to be repeated in the weeks to come, we have to put the new ad in the same folder as the main ad (in our example c:\spot) with the name:

If we have a different ad that has to air from 3 September 2022 to 28 September 2022 we have to put the new ad in the same folder as the main ad (in our example c:\spot) with the name:

MB STUDIO is looking for an advertising with this order of priority:
1) ad with date (es: Alberti++291022.mp3)
2) ad with dayname (es: Alberti++monday.mp3)
3) ad with list of daynames (es: Alberti++mon++wed++fri.mp3)
4) ad with start and end date (es: Alberti++030922++280922.mp3)

1) The differentiated advertising take effect only on the audio files programmed in MB SPOT which, in the properties, have the statistics set on ADVERTISING

2) The differentiated ads must be stored in the same folder in which the main ad is stored and must have the same extension.

3) The differentiated ads are broadcast only if the standard ad is regularly scheduled in MB SPOT and has an active calendar.

3) The differentiated ads are loaded only when the time sequence is added to the broadcast playlist.

4) The management of differentiated commercials is only active in MB STUDIO PRO.

5) It is mandatory to activate the display of file extensions in Windows: WINDOWS: DISPLAY FILE EXTENSIONS