MusicLine is an interactive jukebox that allows your listeners to request their favorite song; MB STUDIO PRO receives the SMS message (via an USB modem) or WhatsApp or email, processes it and automatically plays the requested song, and if you also enable the "Send confirmation" option, it reply to the listener communicating the broadcast time, except in cases where it will not be possible to accept the request for some reason such as incorrect typing, minimum distance between songs by the same performer, song not enabled at a certain time, song already requested etc etc....

To activate MusicLine operation you must first activate the SMS service, or the email service or the WhatsApp service and then enter the MB STUDIO Configuration \ Options \ More and enable the "Activate MusicLine Service" option.

If you also wish to enable sending a response to the listener, also activate the "Enable Sending" option and " Send Confirm" in Configuration\Modem. The response via email is always active and cannot be deactivated.

If you wish to limit the number of requests coming from the same number, adjust the "Request from same number limited to..." field by putting the number of requests accepted; if you leave it at 0 there will be no limit. This function is important, especially if you have enabled "send confirmation", to prevent some "disturber" from having fun burning the credit on your SIM. Keep in mind that every time the MusicLine service is deactivated and then reactivated, the call counter is reset and therefore the telephone number that had been blocked is re-enabled again.

If you wish to insert a sponsor or any other text at the end of messages sent to listeners, fill in the "SMS Header" box in Configuration\Modem. For emails you can instead customize the template of the outgoing email.

Only songs that have the MusicLine flag active can be requested by listeners.
To activate a song, open its properties and activate the MusicLine option.
If you need to activate the option on multiple songs at the same time, select the type of songs to enable via the filter, then from the menu Edit - Select all songs - then right-click any one and choose Multiple Replacements; activate Properties / Musicline Song, then click "Replacements", turn on only the "MusicLine Song" flag and click APPLY.
Songs that have MusicLine activated are displayed with a hash # in the M. column. .

Now let's see how to compose a request via SMS or WhatsApp or in the Subject field of an email:
the syntax is interpreter*title <---- if the asterisk (star) is not entered the musical request is ignored
mariadele*i would leave everything
carmen consoli*april shower

Since listeners will rarely be able to write an interpreter or title with the correct syntax, it is possible to write names or partial titles leaving MB STUDIO to do the work to search for the missing text.
the listener writes grignani*miami MB STUDIO intends it as gianluca grignani - lady miami
the listener writes pony*around MB STUDIO intends it as international pony - hangin' around

It is preferable, especially with foreign titles, that the listener summarizes the message as much as possible, because the title can contains many apostrophes or quotation marks or abbreviations that can lead to confusion.

It is also possible to request a song by typing only the numeric code of the song. The song code is visible in the MB STUDIO song list in the "Index" column. Example: *2665 requires the song with index number 2665

When a message arrives, MB STUDIO PRO analyzes the request and immediately places it in the on-air playlist (obviously respecting the priorities of the time sequences or previous musicline requests).
If you have enabled the "Send Confirmation" option, a message will be sent to the listener with the song broadcast time; if it is not possible to program the requested song, a communication will still be sent to the listener.

To activate/deactivate MusicLine at certain times or certain days of the week, you must use MB STUDIO PRO Agenda function . From the Edit - Agenda Programming menu, press ADD, activate the INTERNAL COMMAND option and select "Activate MUSICLINE service", then adjust the time and days of the week in which the service should start.
The same thing will happen ' made for the time you want to interrupt the service.

All requests are still stored in the message center window