MB STUDIO has a video encoder in SRT format which offers a low latency point-to-point connection. The encoder works both in listener mode (receives the connection from the outside) and in caller mode (trying to connect a remote receiver).

To operate in listener mode just write :port (If necessary, this UDP port must be opened in your internet router)

To work in caller mode just write address:port

Note that this encoder is not a server, so it cannot handle more than one incoming connection from the internet, while it seems it can handle more than one connection within the same LAN.

An example of use can be the live video connection from another MB STUDIO.

As always, those with NVIDIA GPUs should pay attention to the total count of the encoders that are activated. (max 5)

For more advanced options just add to the url separated by a blank space, the list of all options is here: https://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/documentation/srt/srtsink.html?gi-language=c#properties

To play the stream in an MB STUDIO write srt://indirizzo:porta