Minor update for MB STUDIO.

  • MB SPOT: it is possible to customize the color of each time sequence 2022-01-17_174041.jpg
  • MB SPOT: it is possible to modify the properties of multiple selected time sequences
  • Instant playlist: the autofade function can be activated / deactivated 2022-01-17_174023.jpg
  • Instant playlist: if an object is set in Voice Intro mode, the background music will always be lowered to the volume indicated in the object properties, ignoring the general volume of the voice track
  • Webcast: improved internal server management
  • Time sequences: larger ready sequence warning
  • Time sequences: new "Synchronize" button that marks the time sequences preceding the current time as already broadcasted 2022-01-17_174140.jpg
  • Time sequences: "Update" button has been removed, MB STUDIO always automatically updates the time sequences within a few minutes of saving a new MB SPOT schedule. However, it is still possible to force the update via the "Time Sequences - Update Time Sequences" menu.2022-01-17_174211.jpg
  • Static replacement videos: MB STUDIO now takes into account the start / end point of the replacement static video
  • Video: update to VLC 3.0.16
  • Fixed a crash on .wma audio files
  • Added support for wmv, mov, flv, avi video files
  • Fixed a bug where today's first time sequence could interrupt yesterday's last time sequence
  • Fixed a crash on audio recordings
  • Fixed a bug in the splitting section
  • Fixed a bug where in case of running multiple MB STUDIO on the same computer, the possible crash of one MB STUDIO caused the crash of all the others as well.

{rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall869.exe"}