Dear Customers,

the distribution of MB STUDIO updates continues through an annual subscription to a small cost that is used to guarantee the continuous development of MB STUDIO and all the products connected to it. To receive the updates, it is necessary to subscribe an annual plan that has different costs depending on the version of MB STUDIO to be updated and the number of licenses contained in the USB key. If you do not subscribe to the update plan you can continue to use your MB STUDIO without any limit.

Updates are included for free for 12 months after the purchase of a new MB STUDIO license or a Video plugin or an upgrade from HOME to LITE or from LITE to PRO

  • What does the annual subscription include? Includes any update available for 1 year of MB STUDIO, MB SPOT and MB LIVE (Windows, Android, IOS).
  • What does not include the annual subscription? It does not include technical assistance that can be purchased separately. It is however free to report any software bugs and support for correcting the problem. Furthermore, software customization is not included, it is possible to suggest changes to the software but it is not possible to demand that they be implemented
  • What happens if you do not subscribe to the update plan? You continue to use MB STUDIO as always. You can decide to buy updates later in time, but if you spend more than 1 year an additional cost will be applied for each year.
  • In my USB key there are more licenses, can I upgrade only one MB STUDIO? No, updates will be activated on all the licenses contained in the key, the cost of updates will increase according to the number and type of licenses, but quantity discounts will also be applied, so contact us to get an appropriate quote by communicating the your license number
  • How do I know if 12 months have passed since my last purchase? In your MBStudio select the license menu and you will see the expiration date of your update plan.
  • MB STUDIO asks me for a password to be installed. Which is? Read here: HOW TO OBTAIN THE MB STUDIO INSTALLATION CODE

Product Code: 12PROUPDATES

Price: 70€

2 or more 53€
3 or more 47€
4 or more 44€
5 or more 42€

Available Options

* License Number:

enter your license number (you can learn it by selecting the menu' MBStudio\License or MBRecaster\License)


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Includes any update available for 1 year of MB STUDIO PRO, MB SPOT and MB LIVE (Windows, Android).

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