• How much does MB LIVE cost?
    MB LIVE is free and can be installed on any computer and does not require any license, but can only connect to a MB STUDIO PRO version.
  • Does someone have to be present in the radio studio during the connections?
    No, MB LIVE and MB STUDIO PRO are designed to do without the staff on the radio and connect from anywhere in the world and go live
  • I am not an expert and I cannot configure the router correctly and therefore MB LIVE does not work, can you help me?
    Yes, if you have a credit of minutes of technical assistance or if you buy at least 1 hour of technical assistance, we can connect and help you configure the router, of which however you must know the login and access password otherwise it is not possible to configure it, also be sure your supplier has given you a public ip.
  • But do I have to configure the router only in the radio studio or also in the place where I go to do the live broadcast with MB LIVE?
    Only in radio, only on the MB STUDIO side, the router must be configured. On the sender's side, ie the external station, it is not necessary to configure anything.
  • Can I also connect from slow connections? Yes, but in this case, to minimize noise try to adjust MBStudio \ Configuration \ MB Live \ Delay to 5 seconds and in MB LIVE use profiles at 20 kbits or 32 kbits
  • When I speak into the microphone, my voice is delayed on the radio, why?
    The internet line does not transport data instantly but at a very variable speed. If your line is stable and fast you can reduce the delay by setting MBStudio \ Configuration \ MB Live \ Delay to Default.
  • When I use the Prelisten to hear the audio returning from the studio it often has small interruptions, why?
    The return line from the studio is optimized for speed and not for stability, this means that to try to have the minimum possible delay, there is a risk that with every small slowdown of the internet line the audio may be interrupted for a few moments. . Keep in mind that only you hear this little interruption, not the radio listener. Since the return is a simple service channel for internal use, it is possible to live with some audio skips caused by the internet line.
  • The speaker in the studio wants to interview me live but I don't hear his voice, how to solve?
    see here:
  • How can I grant someone permission to go live only on a certain day or at a certain time?


  • If you are streaming from a place where they have other PCs on the network, make sure they have not activated too many download / upload programs because in this case you will have serious disturbances on the streaming; preferably no computer should have running programs that receive or send data on the internet such as browser, e-mail, downloader, file sharing and the same thing obviously applies to the computers of the radio station.