It is possible to decide who, how and when can access MB STUDIO PRO via MB LIVE or MB REMOTE.

In MBStudio \ Configuration \ MB LIVE you can configure access for up to 20 users.

To configure a user double click on the desired line and then configure the following elements:

  • Activate: used to activate or deactivate the account
  • Start / End: start / end time of account validity. Leave everything zero if the account is active 24 hours a day
  • Name: write a name here to recognize the user to be configured
  • Password: this is the password that the user must enter in MB LIVE or MB REMOTE
  • Type:
  1. Guest User = can go live with MB LIVE TALK or PLAY NOW button, cannot insert or delete objects from the playlist
  2. Authorized user = can go live with the MB LIVE TALK or PLAY NOW button, can insert objects in the playlist or change the position of objects, cannot delete objects from the playlist.
  3. Administrator = full powers, no limits.

Via Calendar it is then possible to define the days / months / periods in which the account is active.

The permissions of the MB REMOTE users are described here: MB REMOTE - GESTIONE UTENTI