truck_red.pngSooner or later you may need to move MB STUDIO to a new, more powerful computer or clone it to a second backup computer. In both cases we see the operations to be performed:


senior_citizen1.pngON THE OLD COMPUTER just make a copy of the entire MBStudio folder and save it in a safe place (external memory, other network computer, DVD, etc etc) 2018-09-30_192302.png

 schoolboy.pngON THE NEW COMPUTER we first install MB STUDIO

{rsfiles path="MB_STUDIO/MBStudioInstall875.exe"}

and then we make the following recommendations:


Now we take the MBStudio folder of the old computer and paste it on top of the new one already automatically created by MB STUDIO.

It is possible that some files can not be copied by access denial, simply ignore that file and continue the operation.

At the end it should be possible to start MB STUDIO and find all the data of songs, random files, MB SPOT, etc etc however it will be necessary to enter the configuration and review the settings of the sound cards and folders. Obviously in addition to MB STUDIO you must also transport the audio and video files to be played.