MB STUDIO shows the indication of the memory and handles. These are important values ​​that help to understand if some component or some function is consuming too much memory. To make a comparison, the engine of a car will stop when the petrol runs out, just as MB STUDIO will stop working when the free memory is exhausted.

The handles H: are numbers that the system uses to manage an object or other structure, they must never exceed 10,000 otherwise MB STUDIO will restart automatically. The number A: indicates the number of audio functions in use (usually should not exceed 50). The number V: indicates the number of audio functions in use (usually should not exceed 5)

Free memory is allocated by Windows. This value does not refer to the RAM of your computer, even if you have 64 GB of RAM windows initially allocates 2Gb to MB STUDIO (ie 2047 MB). When the indicator drops below 300MB the indicator turns red to indicate that the memory is running out.

While using MB STUDIO it is absolutely normal to see free memory decrease and increase. but if the memory continues to decrease constantly until it runs out then something is wrong with MB STUDIO (a DSP / VST or VLC component consumes too much memory)

If you use the video plugin or activate DSP or VST plugins that consume a lot of memory you have to go to CONFIGURATION - OPTIONS - OPTIONS and activate the 4GB option