Here you can set 3 items liners that MB STUDIO can automatically play before the first item of the break/between any item in the break/after the last item of the break. You can create up to 20 liners (each including from 1 up to 3 items). Each liners should have a Title. After setting up a liner, you can assign it to a break  using MB SPOT. Simply create a new break or select an existing break anche click to Proprerty and assign a Liner. You can also select multiple breaks and click Poperties and assign the liner at once. To insert a track, simply double click the item line. A liner can also be assigned to song requestes (MUSICLINE) and to prelisten windows in order to test the mix points. Liners are especially important when you need to split commercials for different areas, because you can send the START SPLIT signal in the opening jingle and the STOP SPLIT signal in the closing jingle of the liner; right click the item and choose Properties to set the flags or the bits

Import button allow you to import the liners configuration from another MB STUDIO selecting the file MBLiners.cfg.

Note: Liners are also used to play test files when setting cue points in the prelisten windows. In that case use a dedicated liner, insert the audio files, then go in the Prelisten windows and set the corresponding liner.
1) Select an empty liner number
2) Write a title (ex: "cue points test")
3) Before: double click and add an audio file to play when testing REFRAIN OUT
4) Between: double click and add an audio file to play when testing OUTRO
5) After: double click and add an audio file to play when testing OUT
6) Now open the Prelisten windows and select the liner number that you choosed at point 1

MusicLine - (available on MB STUDIO PRO only)

  • Enable MUSICLINE requests
    Enable the song requests service. MB STUDIO will accept song requests from Text Message (using a GSM modem) or from email (artist*title in the email subject)
  • Auto Insert Requests
    When enabled MB STUDIO automatically add new requests to the current on air queue.
    When disabled, music requests are inserted only on songs with flag "Allow replacement by request of MUSICLINE"
  • Limit requests from same sender
    Limit requests from the same sender in 24 hours (0=unlimited)
  • Liner
    If needed, it's possible to preceed and follow any request from a track assigning here a liner