Those who use MB STUDIO + the video plugin usually have 2 or more monitors connected to the computer and will have noticed that in case an HDMI monitor loses the connection with the computer due to electrical shocks, energy saving, breakdowns, driver updates, Windows cancels or resets the screens and the MB STUDIO video window is moved or resized with negative consequences on capture by OBS or VMIX or NDI. Basically, the stability of the HDMI connection between the computer and the monitor influences the stability of the capture of the MB STUDIO video window.

To avoid this problem we can use for each monitor an HDMI Pass-Through Emulator which ensures the stability of the Windows screens. Just connect this accessory between each HDMI output and monitor cable. Be careful to buy a model that supports FULL HD 1980 resolution and obviously has the pass-through to connect the monitor. I recommend connecting this emulator to all the monitors you use in the video direction pc. Thanks to this accessory Windows will always see the monitors connected even when they are completely turned off or disconnected and will never delete the screens again.


Furthermore, if you have only one monitor and you have a free HDMI port on the video card, you can connect this accessory and Windows will activate a second virtual desktop where you can move the video window of MB STUDIO or other windows that must always remain open, and thus you will free space on your main desktop.