Each time sequence in MB SPOT can have the following parameters:

  • Forcing: if active, at the scheduled time the object being broadcast is interrupted and this time sequence is broadcast. If deactivated, at the scheduled time this time sequence will be inserted in the playlist and will be transmitted at the end of the object that is currently on air
  • Must end on time: If this option is enabled, the time sequence must end at the time indicated (only in MB STUDIO PRO). MB STUDIO calculates the duration of all the static elements of the time sequence and broadcasts it so that the last element ends the broadcast at the indicated time. For example, this option is sometimes used to broadcast a series of commercials before the top hour. Note that the time precision fails if the timeline contains dynamic elements such as random songs, or elements with a duration that cannot be calculated in advance. If maximum precision is desired, "Forcing" must also be active.
  • Hours, minutes, seconds: broadcast time of the time sequence. If the forcing is active and the "Expiration" is 00:00, the time sequence is immediately broadcast, in other cases the time sequence will enter the brodcast queue and wait to be on air.
  • Expiration: it indicates the maximum waiting time in the broadcast queue. If forcing is active and the object that is currently on air does not finish within this time it will be cutted and the time sequence will be broadcast. If, on the other hand, forcing is disabled, this parameter indicates the time after which the time sequence is canceled if it has not yet been broadcasted. If the "Expiration" is 00:00 a time sequence will be waiting unlimited