One of the most frequently asked questions by those starting to use MB STUDIO is the one concerning the programming of the newsletter.

So here is an example of a break that includes an opening theme, a bed music, the news bulletin which is a simple spoken file, and the ending theme.
Let's see how to make the break.

  1. Run MB SPOT
    Click NEW 2019-07-05_212343.png
    Set the broadcast TIME 2019-07-05_212401.png
    Set the break TITLE ex: NEWS
    Set the comment  ex: NEWS click APPLY
  2. In the list you will now see the new BREAK 2019-07-05_214628.png, double click on it, and add the items you need for the news. The first would be the opening theme so double click to insert and choose File and select the file 2019-07-05_220608.png
    double click the next line and add a File and choose a bed. Then select Properties 2019-07-05_220812.png and set it as Bed 2019-07-05_220843.pngand adjust volume to 20 2019-07-05_220940.png
  3. Click on the next position and add the news file, the one containing the speaker that reads the news. Then right-click it and choose Properties and click on No Mix and News or Local area News 2019-07-05_221115.png
  4. double click the next line and add the news ending file. Then right-click on it and select Properties and click on Flags\Stop the bed:

So the break will look like this:

At the end do not forget to save the data using the menu "Breaks List \ Save as default.

Go MB STUDIO\Setup\Folders and be sure that the folder that contains the news files is present in the folders list, if not there ... add it.

to update the news, it will be sufficient to overwrite the file containing the news, without any need to go back to the MB SPOT. MB STUDIO will recognize and play the updated file.