With MB SPOT it is possible to program an item that will be broadcast one, some or every day at the specified time. It is possible to specify the days of the week and the start / end calendar broadcast.

  1. Open MB SPOT and click on NEW break  2019-07-05_212343.png
  2. adjust the airing time 2019-07-05_212410.png
  3.  give the break a title by typing it with the keyboard and choose a suitable comment 2019-07-05_212451.png and finally click on APPLY
  4. Now double click on the line where the new break appears 2019-07-05_212805.png
  5. insert the items that will have to go on the air 2019-07-05_212845.png
  6. each item has its own calendar 2019-07-05_212910.png where it is possible to specify in which days and dates it will be broadcast 2019-07-05_212919.png
  7. At the end of the operations use the menu Breaks list/Save as default and exit from MB SPOT.

When MB STUDIO is in AUTOPLAY or AUTOMATIC the break you have created will be broadcast automatically.

When MB STUDIO is not in AUTOPLAY or AUTOMATIC a window will appear on the screen advising you that it is time to broadcast that break and you can proceed or ignore it.