MB MUSIC REPORT is a utility that generates the report of the songs played by MB STUDIO in a .csv file.

The generated file can contain some fields of your choice:

  1. Date and time of broadcast of the record
  2. Artist of the record
  3. Title of the record
  4. Year of the record (if it was entered during the cataloging of the record)
  5. Producer (if it was included during the cataloging of the record)
  6. Duration of broadcast of the record (duration)
  7. Original duration of the record (file duration)
  8. Language
  9. Musical genre
  10. Code
  11. Custom values
  12. Number of listeners of the single play or total
  13. Activation date
  14. Hits = number of broadcasts of the record in the selected period

Enter the MB STUDIO folder from which the data will be read in the "MBStudio folder" box. (usually it is C:\MBStudio)

Start and end date are obviously the period for which you want to generate the report

In the "Broadcast report" box, choose where the .csv file will be generated

In Options it is possible to decide whether to insert in the report the time of broadcasting (if deactivated only the date is inserted), the year and the producer of the record. (Year and manufacturer are still empty if there is no year and manufacturer of the song in your database.)

The generated .csv file can easily be opened with Excel or programs compatible with the .csv format

To start MBMusicReport just click twice the program icon located inside the MBStudio folder or in MB STUDIO select the menu 'Tools \ MusicReport