DSP Plugin
Here you can set up a DSP plugin (they are the same ones that are used in Winamp).

VST Plugin
Here you can set up a 32-bit VST 2 plugin (VST3 and 64-bit don't work).

Note that DSPs usually introduce a latency (delay) on the signal, so if you use the MB STUDIO TALK button it is advisable to leave this switch on No Plugin to minimize audio latency.

Furthermore, the DSP plugins only work if the signal is STEREO and they do not work if the signal has more than 2 channels (therefore they do not work with multichannel cards)

Some DSP plugins (like AudioProc) only work if the audio clock of MB STUDIO is set to 44100 hz CONFIGURATION - AUDIO CLOCK 44100 or 48000

By default MB STUDIO only allows you to run one plugin at a time. In fact, the use of multiple plugins can cause MB STUDIO crashes or malfunctions, we must not forget that these are third-party software over which MB STUDIO has no control; an error or bug present in a plugin can crash the entire MB STUDIO software. Not only that, some plugins work fine on their own but conflict when used in conjunction with other plugins. Therefore the use of more than 1 plugin at a time is strongly discouraged. If, however, despite the risk of malfunctioning and crashing of MB STUDIO, you want to use all of a plugin at the same time and you have MB STUDIO PRO, you can add a key to the Windows registry. Run regedit.exe and go to \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\MB SOFT\MBStudio 0 and add the DWORD Allow Multiple Plugins value set to 1 and restart MB STUDIO