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Metadata filter
Here you can specify some wildcard characters that determine what will be displayed on the listeners' players.

If left blank, interpreter - song title or program title will be displayed

To customize the output some wildcard characters are used, here is a list of usable characters:

%timexx% - transmission time of object xx
%itemxx% - title of object xx
%yearxx% - year of object xx
%commentxx% - comment on the object xx
%albumxx% - album of object xx
%authorxx% - author of object xx
%labelxx% - object label xx
%codexx% - object code xx
%filexx% - file name of object xx


to display only the title of the song on air: leave the box blank

to also display the song that will follow: %item0% next %item1%

to also view the year of the song on air: %item0% %year0%

to view free text plus song on air: you are listening to %item0% next %item1%

to also view the comment of the song on air: %item0% - %comment0%

Additional wildcards are explained here: WILDCARD WORDS TO CUSTOMIZE EXPORT